Coordinator: J. Manuel Barbeito Varela

USC Senior MembersLaura Lojo Rodríguez, Manuel Míguez Ben, Manuela Palacios González, Jorge Sacido Romero.

Research Lines: British Literature; English Literature and the Visual Arts; Literature and Philosophy; Literature and Psychoanalysis; Identity and Subjectivity in Literature; Discourses and Cultural Identities in Literature; Discourse and Textual Analysis; Translation and Text Editing.

The Literature Team 1, coordinated by José Manuel Barbeito Varela, covers several lines of research that converge in the study of the relationship between discourse and identity in English literature. Along this line, the team has published multiple contributions such as the volumes National Identities and European Literatures (Peter Lang, 2008) – coedited by José Manuel Barbeito Varela and Jorge Sacido Romero –, and Modernism, Postmodernism and the Short Story (Rodopi, 2012) which, edited by Jorge Sacido Romero and including articles by Barbeito Varela and Palacios González, explores questions of identity and subjectivity in the context of modernity and postmodernity. The members of this team are also leading scholars in incorporating perspectives such as that of psychoanalysis into the praxis of literary criticism, the following publications being noteworthy in this respect: Moving across a Century: Women’s Short Fiction from Virginia Woolf to Ali Smith (Peter Lang, 2012), edited by Laura Lojo Rodríguez, or Sound Effects: The Object Voice in Fiction (Rodopi, 2015), coedited by Jorge Sacido Romero. Similarly, the team comprises scholars with ample expertise in the edition and translation of literary texts: Manuel Míguez Ben has translated into Spanish works by Morgan Llywelyn, Rosamond Lehmann as well as Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray El cuadro de Dorian Gray (Cátedra, 1992); and very recently Manuela Palacios González has co-edited and co-translated the anthology Los ritos de los sentidos. Poesía árabe (Cantarabia, 2015). The academic work carried out within this team has been funded under various research projects and disseminated in many national and international conferences. The team has also organized multiple research events in the area, including conferences, lecture series and seminars: Modernism and Modernity (1997), Literature and Identity Process in Europe (2004), The Order of Ghosts: Literature, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis (2006) or The Age of Theory in Perspective (2013), to name but a few representative examples.