Susana Doval Suárez

Susana Doval Suárez

Susana Mª Doval Suárez is Tenured Senior Lecturer at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) where she teaches courses in morphology and syntax. Her research interests include second language learning and, more particularly, the acquision of orthography and discourse competence. Along this line, she has published multiple contributions such as The Acquisiton of L2-English Spelling (2004). Doval Suárez has also conducted research in contrastive linguistics and (contrastive) discourse analysis. She has co-edited, amongst others, the volumes Contrastive Discourse Analysis: Functional and Corpus Perspectives (2013) and The Dynamics of Language Use: Functional and Contrastive Perspectives (2005).




Recent Publications:


  • The Use of Extraposition in the Written Production of Spanish Advanced Learners of English” (co-authored with Elsa Mª González Álvarez). The Linguistics Journal 10.1 (2016): 5-27.

  • The Acquisiton of L2-English Spelling. Muenchen: Lincom Europa, 2004.