Susana Domínguez Pena

Mla. Susana Domínguez Pena

Mla. Susana Domínguez Pena is Senior Lecturer in the Department of English and German Studies at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). She has published articles and book-length works on Irish and cultural studies, such as “An Irish Journey” published by Trauben in Italy (2001); “The Evil Eye Belief” published by Peter Lang in Germany (2008); or “Tradition versus Innovation: The Art of Reconciling a Dichotomy” in the volume To Banish Ghost and Goblin”: New Essays on Irish Culture, published by Netbiblo in Spain & Florida (2010). She has also co-edited with Anne MacCarthy and Margarita Estévez-Saá the publications The Scallop of Saint James, an Old Pilgrim´s Hoard: Reading Joyce from the Peripheries (2006) and Ireland in the Coming Time: New Insights on Irish Literature (2006). Both volumes were published under the Irish Studies Series of the Amergin University Institute of Research in Irish Studies (UDC) and Netbiblo. Domínguez Pena is a member of the aforementioned Institute as well as of the Spanish Society for the Literary Study of Cultural Studies (SELICUP).



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