María Alonso Alonso

ORCID: 0000-0001-9284-4224

María Alonso Alonso finished her PhD in 2014 at the University of Vigo after graduating in English and Hispanic Philology. She is now Assistant Professor at the Department of English and German Philology at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Previously, she worked at the universities of Vigo, Edinburgh, St Andrews and the Centro Ramón Piñeiro para a Investigación. She was also a visiting scholar at the universities of Leeds, Durham, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the IASH-Edinburgh. Her research interests are related to the connection between literature and migration, gender and ecology. She has authored more than fifty publications to date, including three monographs, four special issues, two edited volumes and articles in journals such as The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, Ibérica, Odisea, Journal of Romance Languages, The Journal of Postcolonial Writing or Forum for Modern Language Studies, among others. Apart from her research, she is also a fiction and poetry author in the Galician language. Her first novel, Despois do cataclismo (Urco), was published in 2015; her second one, Red Lion, was published in 2019 by Galaxia; and her third novel, Alén (Bolanda), was published in 2021. She has also published short stories in English and Galician in different anthologies. She also collaborates with the Tempos Novos cultural magazine as a columnist and she is part of the Consello da Cultura Galega within the Arquivo da Emigración.




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