María Cecilia Marchetto Santorun


Mª Cecilia Marchetto Santorun

Mª Cecilia Marchetto Santorun is a junior member of the Research Group Discourse & Identity. She holds a BA and an MA in Advanced English Studies (literature) from the University of Santiago de Compostela. Marchetto Santorum has also participated in an ERASMUS programme, studying at Roehampton University (London). Currently, she is working on her doctoral dissertation, a comparative study between the poetic and visual-graphic aspects in William Blake’s works and their influence on the contemporary comic-book writer Alan Moore.

Recent Publications:


  • Un breve análisis del humor en Occidente,” co-authored with Olalla Buceta Lojo, Paula Casariego Castiñeira and Alicia Jaraba Abellán. Cuadernos del Aleph. El humorismo en la literatura hispánica, 6 (2014): 1-24.