Margarita Estévez-Saá

Margarita Estévez-Saá

Margarita Estévez-Saá is Senior Lecturer in English and American Literature at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). She is the author of El problema de la caracterización en la obra de James Joyce: el artista y sus personajes (2001), co-author, with Anne MacCarthy, of A Pilgrimage from Belfast to Santiago de Compostela: The Anatomy of Bernard MacLaverty’s Triumph over Frontiers (2002), and has co-edited, among others, the volumes Silverpowdered Olivetrees: Reading Joyce in Spain (2003); Nuevas perspectivas críticas en la literatura irlandesa (2003); “The Scallop of Saint James. An Old Pilgrim’s Hoard”: Reading Joyce from the Peripheries (2007) and “Ireland in the Coming Time”: New Insights on Irish Literature (2007). She is Secretary of the Spanish James Joyce Society and editor of the scholarly journal Papers on Joyce. She has published essays on James Joyce, Muriel Spark, Doris Lessing, P. D. James, Janet Frame, Deirdre Madden, modern and post-colonial literature, contemporary Irish literature, critical theory and feminist criticism.




Recent Publications:


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  • Papers on Joyce nº19/20 (2013-2014), editor. Santiago de Compostela: Asociación Española James Joyce, 2015, i-ii + 1- 339. ISSN: 1135-0504.

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