LITERATURE TEAM 4: 'American and Post-colonial Literature'

Coordinator: Constante González Groba

USC Senior Members: Patricia Fra López, Susana Jiménez Placer.

Research Lines: Literature of the U. S. in its cultural context; Literature of the U. S. South; U. S. Literature in film and television; Post-Colonial literature

The Literature Team 4, coordinated by Constante González Groba, covers various research lines related to U.S. and Post-Colonial literature. Regarding the study of U.S. literature, the team’s major strength resides in the study of southern literature and the complex interactions of gender, race and class in this region. Some of the team’s recent publications are Unsteadily Marching On: The U. S. South in Motion (2013), and Hijas del Viejo Sur: La mujer en la literatura femenina del sur de los Estados Unidos (2012), both edited by Constante González. The team has completed several competitive research projects: “Women, space, gender, and race in the fiction of southern women since 1890” (MEC 2007-2010); “The civil rights movement in U. S. fiction and drama” (MEC 2011-2013); “Women’s autobiography from the U. S. South: Genre, Gender, Race, Region” (MINECO 2014-2017). Team members have participated in other projects like “Via Lactea” and the European Union’s Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency and are members of the board of referees of Atlantis: Revista de la Asociación Española de Estudios Anglonorteamericanos, The Grove: Working Papers on English Studies, and Moravian Journal of Literature and Film. The team has organized important academic events like the XII International Conference of the Southern Studies Forum: “Southern Destinations / The South in Motion” (15-17 September, 2011), and the Symposium on Southern Autobiography: “Writing the Self, Writing the South” (1-3 June, 2016).