USC Senior Members: Jorge Sacido-Romero (coordinator), Laura Lojo-Rodríguez

Research Lines: English Short Fiction; Literary Criticism; Gender Studies; Short Story Comparative Studies.


The Literature Team 3, coordinated by Jorge Romero Sacido, conducts research on women’s literature in the UK and is integrated by scholars such as Laura Lojo Rodríguez who is specialized in British literature of female authorship and, particularly, in Virginia Woolf’s oeuvre. At present, under a research project entitled “Women’s Tales”: The Short Fiction of Contemporary British Writers (FEM2013-41977-P) and coordinated by Jorge Sacido Romero, the Literature Research Team 3 is working on the overlaps between gender and the short story genre, exploring and analysing how different British writers have used the genre to challenge patriarchal authority and to redefine the position of women in society. As a result of this research interest, several contributions have been published: “The Voice in Twentieth-Century English Short Fiction: E.M. Forster, V.S. Pritchett and Muriel Spark” (Sacido Romero, 2015); “La poética del cuento en la primera mitad del siglo XX en Reino Unido: Virginia Woolf y Elizabeth Bowen” (Lojo Rodríguez, 2015); Moving across a Century: Women’s Short Fiction from Virginia Woolf to Ali Smith (Peter Lang 2012), edited by Laura Lojo  Rodríguez; Modernism, Postmodernism, and the Short Story in English (Rodopi / Brill 2012), edited by Jorge Sacido Romero. The results of this research project have also been disseminated in national and international fora as well as in the seminars Women’s Tales in Motion: Contemporary Literature in the British Isles (2015) and Gender and Short Fiction: Women’s Tales in Contemporary Britain (2016), both held in Santiago de Compostela and organized by the members of the team in collaboration with the USC Office for Gender Equality.